Tuesday, March 13, 2012

grit robocall is a disgrace

An editorial in the Kitchener Reord. Liberal robocall was a disgrace After weeks of throwing punches at the federal Conservatives over the notorious robocalls affair, the Liberals have succeeded magnificently in giving themselves a shining black eye. Liberal Leader Bob Rae missed this blunder on Monday as he called for a Royal Commission to investigate the election controversy. But Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre got it right when he demanded an apology from Guelph Liberal MP Frank Valeriote for the disgraceful tactics he employed before voting day. Valeriote should have complied. Valeriote has confirmed that one of his campaign volunteers made an automated telephone call prior to the election that urged people to vote Liberal because the riding’s Conservative candidate opposed abortion. Valeriote admits he approved the calls. He admits he knew that the person who made the calls used a phoney name — “Laurie McDonald.” And he also admits that the robocall did not but should have contained one vital piece of information — that it was designed and funded by his own Liberal campaign. That’s an alarming oversight. According to Elections Canada, any election advertising message made in a campaign needs to mention that it was authorized by an official agent of a candidate or a registered agent of the party.... and my friend Michael Sona is innocent.


Anonymous said...

Election fraud is a disgrace Roy. Your partisan bullshit is a disgrace. The corrupt Conservative party and all its minions are a disgrace.

leftistsareidiots said...

anonymous jackass do you have any prove? no course not, like any vile pile of crap leftist you just contiually lie and hope someone will beleive you

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