Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Get well soon grit minion.

Apparently the grit minion in charge of vickileaks was unable to attend parliamentary hearings to investigate his despicable actions. He now has to attend or face a contempt of parliament charge. Who is the grit minion shielding? Justin? Bob? Would be nice to know how this malfeasance came about. is it grit policy to find personal info on Tory ministers if they don't like Tory legislation. Is this how the grits are renewing? The gossip and innuendo party?


Gerald said...

He's sick,and it's called guilt and being afraid.He has to have more time to get his talking points from Rae.He was so happy to smear Toews,and he must have been real joyful to do it,and now he's sick and afraid.He could actually be sick,but I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Election fraud is a way bigger deal than tweeting the disgusting details of Vic Toews' private life. You get that, right Roy? Or are you really this stupid?

Anonymous said...

What fraud, where's your evidence?
You got that anonymous? Or are you really that stupid?

saynotoliberalfools said...

anoymous look in the mirror if you want to find someone stupid, no proof of any electoral fraud has been found yet, but I guess that fact doesn't register with a brain dead leftist turd like yourself

oxygentax said...


Electoral fraud is important. So is violating the privacy of a citizen of Canada for putting forward a piece of legislation.

The problem that Nonny seems to miss is that the only evidence of electoral misconduct points to the Liberal party. They have yet to produce any evidence of the wrong doing of any other party. Given this lack of evidence towards the party he wants it to be, vikileaks IS the bigger deal than the alleged electoral fraud.

Anonymous said...

The Liberals have been screaming fraud for 2 weeks.
We have admitted fraud in Guelph by the Liberals.
No evidence has been produced that Conservatives have done the same thing.
Canadians elected the Conservatives with a majority Governmebt.
Bob Rae is showing Canaians every day in every way why he was "Third choice"
Cheers Bubba

Sean M said...

No doubt Carroll is sick in the head... he;s a Librano... what a fool... the Libranos thought they could get away with their dirty tricks campaigns, whether it was electoral fraud in Guelph, or whether it was conducting sleazy personal attacks against a sitting Minister. Libranos are just lucky they have a corrupt compliant media to run cover for them or a lot of them would be in jail.

Anonymous said...

Yes anonymous, we must stop ALL government business while we chase down Pierre Poutine. We'd better not have any committee hearings while Elections Canada is conducting their investigation because that'd be STUPID.

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