Thursday, March 15, 2012

Free Trade within Canada!

Dany Gagnon           Dr Frederic Laurin

Inter provincial trade barriers inhibit economic freedom and billions of dollars in trade. I recently attended a Fraser Institue event at the University Club in Montreal. It was titled Wines in: are you being Served? It was prseneted by Dr Frederic Laurin, wine lover and economist. It was sponsored by. I learned about more Tory good work. Bill C-311 has passed first reading and it is a Tory private memebers bill to allow the freer flow of wine across provincial boundaries, We should be able to order wine in different provinces and have it shipped to your hime. This applies to personal use only, but it is a big improvement. Good for Dan Albas!!
 The Fraser event was very well attended. Wine is a popular topic in Quebec. I met a few of the vineyard owners in Montreal. Most of the people in the room seemed on board with removing the SAQ monopoly.  Dany Gagnon the sponsor is president of AlavinQuebec He wants more access to wine for consumers!
Dr Laurin wants to start dismantling the government monoply in Quebec because it gives less choice nd higher prices. he doesn't want to sell the SAQ as a whole but wants to dismantle it piece by piece. I didn't hear the whole speech, but what I heard I liked. I will post the video of the speech if it becomes availible. I think this is a winning issues for the Tories in Quebec. We need to get rid of all intra provincial trade barriers.

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Jen said...

This sounds like 'protectionism'

plus quebec can't afford to buy so what they want is 'FREE' everything.

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