Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Engineering Humans?

No this is not the nazi manifesto it is the climate crazies that are proposing this. Really scary The basic observation is that geoengineering is too dangerous and blasphemous because "geo" in this word actually means "Gaia" who is holy. So in the article – to be published in Ethics, Policy, and the Environment as a "target article" – these authors suggest a much more ethical and safer solution, namely to mess up with the humans and their DNA. They will produce humans who are better to fight climate change. What is their recipe? Their project has many components that are described in the 29-page PDF file above. End of hamburgers The first step (among those described in Section II) will be to induce "pharmacological meat intolerance" which will work in a similar way as milk intolerance. People will be fed some drugs so if they dare to eat meat, e.g. a piece of a hamburger, they will die rapidly. According to the authors, this safe and ethical cure will immediately offer the final solution to the agriculture problem. Animals (that produce CO2) won't be needed anymore and these big enemies of the contemporary environmentalists may finally be made extinct. The authors are confident that people will be thrilled to become meat intolerant. Isn't it great to die once you eat meat?.... read the rest it's scary.

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