Saturday, March 24, 2012

Elections in Queensland: watch out julia

 The Liberal National Party has all but wiped out labour in elections today. This bodes ill for the incompetent, unpopular government of julia gillard. It probably didn't help the labour party that the gillard/rudd war took place during the election. labour lost 42 seats going from a minority to 7 seats, that is not enough to be considered an official party. The greens were shut out. There are only three labour governments left, not including the Commonwealth government. I cannot wait for Tony Abbott to throw out the the labour party in federal elections next year.


Anonymous said...

not very up to speed on Aussie politics but wasnt it Gillard that made the speech about immigrants needing to conform or get out? if so, at least she did one thing right eh.

brad maynard

robins111 said...

I had to read up in Australian politics to do a who's who. But it appears thar the aussies have had enough left wing nonsense for a while.

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