Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Earl Jones

The crook who cheated my friend's mother and many ther seniors, is in jail. It now seems that RBC will settle with the victims for $17 million. Excellent news. The Royal Bank sent out a statement confirming the settlement after the news broke Tuesday morning, but denying it was complicit in the Ponzi scheme that defrauded 150 people of up to $40 million. In a three-paragraph prepared statement issued at 8: 36 a.m., the Royal said: "RBC has closely examined its role in providing Earl Jones with a bank account and is satisfied that it was not negligent. "The proposed settlement amount of $17 million is the result of many months of discussion between RBC and the class-plaintiffs and seeks to address some of the financial difficulties the classplaintiffs faced as a result of entrusting Mr. Jones with their financial affairs."

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Frances said...

Of course RBC will claim its innocence. No bank will ever, ever admit in any way that is was negligent, let alone recompense the injured party for expenses, etc.

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