Saturday, March 17, 2012

Daniel Hannan on Conservative Canada

I am a big fan of Daniel Hannan. I have had the chance to speak to him on a several occasion in the last month. Daniel really admires HM PM Harper and the Canadian conservative revolution. Daniela's latest blog post is on his visit to the Great Dominion. The Anglosphere forvever!! Of course, deep down, we Britons knew that there was something bogus about the goody-goody, officious Canada that Mark Steyn calls ‘Trudeaupia’. We remember Canadians as allies on the battlefield. Any British veteran will tell you that, in the two wars, Canadian soldiers had a reputation for grim and terrible courage. Eisenhower used to remark (in private, obviously) that, man for man, they were the finest troops under his command. We, of all people, should be delighted to find them back to their old ways. The Conservative revolution in Canada is a revolution in the true sense: a turning of the wheel, a righting of that which had been placed on its head. It started with Preston Manning, one of the most under-appreciated conservative leaders of the late twentieth century, and it culminated in the election of Stephen Harper with, finally, a proper majority. That majority rests, in part, on the support of ethnic minorities and recent immigrants, who backed the Tories in unprecedented numbers at the last election. I was enormously moved, as I also was in Australia, to see how easily Canadians with non-British origins had adopted Anglosphere values, revering private property, free contract, parliamentary supremacy and the common law.

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