Tuesday, March 20, 2012

catsmeat doesn't like rae very much

And thinks the grits are dead. I am not sure, but it is fun to watch catsmeat' handwringing. he Con ads will remind voters about Rae’s record and voters will vote accordingly. It worked with Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff, and it’ll work even better with Rae: He has a record in government that can be attacked. Heck, it deserves to be attacked. Raelians, in full self-denial, will say they aren’t worried about the spots, of course. They’ll say the ads’ existence demonstrate that it is the Tories who are worried about Rae. Why else run them, they’ll ask. Because, for starters, Rae has decided to break his promise — he’s after the permanent leadership post. A few weeks ago, one of his Toronto loyalists summoned some former Michael Ignatieff staffers to a meeting. Rae walked in and said, “I’m running for leader.” That’s not all. Rae and his apparatchiks are doing their utmost to ensure that no other Liberal gets a fair shot at running for leader. After the Paul Martin debacle of 2003, you’d think Grits would know by now that coronations are a seriously bad idea. These guys don’t ever learn from history, and so they’re doomed to repeat it.


Jen said...

Pray Dr Roy, Pray that the opposition parties do not get a chance to run this country.
NDP made no bones that they are going to shut down our main economy vein-the oilsands.
Libs on the other couldn't careless what happens to canada just as long they get into power at any cost. They still billions of dollars to canadians which they took from E.I. FUNDS but failed to replaced.
$40million dollars is still missing which the libs refuse to return.

Joseph said...

Mulclair is a fair weather federalist even worse than Charest.
He has made many promises in french which the english media has wilfully ignored, and I expect that during the next election they will not vet him or reveal his intentions to give the province of perpetual greivance it's holy grail, a veto over federal legislation not in Quebec's interest.
As PM he would cause more damage than Trudeau did.
Thankfully, QMI will be vetting him in both official languages.
This ain't 1967.

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