Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chef Ramsey Sues

This is not going to end well. MONTREAL - Bad-boy celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has embroiled his former Montreal restaurant in a legal stew. Lawyers for the colourful cook have served notice in Quebec Superior Court that he wants nearly $2.7 million from his former partners in Laurier Gordon Ramsay. Ramsay is claiming more than $2 million in lost licensing fees. He also wants compensation for alleged defamatory comments he says were made about him. Suzanne Cote, a lawyer who is representing Danny Lavy, Ramsay's former partner in the restaurant, said she and her client are studying Ramsay's claim. "We are going to file a vigorous defence to the proceedings," she said. "We think that we have evidence to demonstrate that the allegations of Mr. Ramsay are not founded." Cote said she was not particularly surprised by Ramsay's court action considering he and Lavy are involved a legal dispute in the U.S. over the breach of a sub-licence involving Ramsay-branded cookware. In that case, Lavy filed the lawsuit.

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