Friday, March 02, 2012

Chantal Hebert is not...

wrong. I have also been unhappy with the messaging from the Tories of late. We need to make the case before proposing policies. We also need to better explain legislation. Whatever else may ail Stephen Harper’s government, it has some serious messaging issues. On three occasions over about as many weeks, the Conservatives’ political instincts went missing in action in the heat of a parliamentary battle. That was particularly striking this week as the government struggled without success to put allegations of vote-suppression in the 2011 campaign behind it. On a matter that is — in political terms — more akin to a debilitating flu than to a passing cold, the Conservatives committed the cardinal sin of feeding the controversy by changing their tune virtually every day The government kicked off the week by inviting the Liberals and the New Democrats to share whatever evidence of campaign dirty tricks they may have with Elections Canada. Harper said his party would do likewise. But he did not stick to that message.


Anonymous said...

looks to me like Chantel is changing her message today herself. CBC has been changing their messages daily also. The opposition has also been blowing things up from one day to the next. As the GOVT. starts their own investigations on their own to get to the alligations they come up with their own new evidence from their own investigations and report their side also. Are they suppose to sit mum and let the CBC run with it? Who would expect to be attacked daily by the media doing the job of the opposition 9 months after they won the election? Talk about being blindsided? Thats how smear campaigns work.

Sean M said...

IMO, the Conservative Government simply underestimated the levels of depravity and sleaziness the Opposition and their media whores were willing to go to in order to circumvent the election results. The great thing about an open ended smear campaign based on heresay and circumstantial evidence is that you don't see it coming, and once you've been blind-sided you're always playing catch up. When the media decide to smear you on a daily basis, and when the media have a complete disregard for fairness and facts, you' will find yourself backed into a corner and on the defensive, even when you've done nothing wrong. When the media accuses you of being a witch, how do you defend yourself? No matter how many times you say you aren't a witch, the damage is done. The Conservative Government has simply underestimated how depraved and unethical, and corrupt the opposition and the media are.

Anonymous said...

I have been frustrated with the lack of communication over Bill C-10 and C-30, but on this one, I give Harper the benefit of the doubt.

Sometimes there's nothing you can do when the media and opposition swarm you in one go.

Plus, because there were new developments everyday, there's no way Harper could predict the future. Given that this issue was quite unexpected, I think the CPC took the first few days sorting through everything to make sure there really WERE no skeletons (campaign teams are big). It was only in the last few days that Harper could really strongly say no, the CPC was not involved.

That actually demonstrates good leadership. It shows that he's careful, cautious, and honest.

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