Saturday, March 31, 2012

cbc whining

I found the budget cuts to the cbc were pretty mild. 10% over three years and yet the cbc is whining . Let them whine. They should be privatized or at the very least use the pbs model. This article complains that the competition is fierce. We do live in a 500 channel universe, why should the cbc receive monet to compete against private companies. The Tories should have cut 10% a year for three years. This cbc whiner suggests that these cuts may push the cbc over the edge. Let the opposition fund their own media outlet. Good!!! And yet, in the full sunshine of its success, shadows are appearing everywhere. The federal budget cut the CBC by $115-million. This is roughly 12 per cent of the approximately $1-billion that it receives annually from the federal government. It is a very significant reduction to a public broadcaster that was already the one of the worst financed in the industrialized world. This could be made even more painful if the government decides to reduce its commitment to the Canadian Media Fund or the television production tax credits, both of which are essential to the financing of CBC documentaries, dramas and comedies. Other possible horrors wait in the wings. It may lose another $40-million if the Local Program Improvement Fund is cancelled by the CRTC. The conventional advertising markets have been weak for years. If, as seems likely, the CBC loses Hockey Night in Canada, half of its advertising revenues will vanish and it will have to figure out how to replace more than 400 hours of prime-time Canadian programming.

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