Wednesday, March 28, 2012

CBC cuts

This article is pretty funny. It whines that there will be bignlayoffs and shows like little mosque on the prairie won't be made( very good!!) if the CBC is cut 10%. I say sell the whole thing off or turn into the PBS model. Why do we have to fund the leftist white elephant that almost no one watches or listens too. The chretien libranos cut 30% . The Tories should at least match that. CBC Cuts: 2012 Budget Could Mean Hundreds Of Job Losses Posted: 03/28/2012 5:46 am Updated: 03/28/2012 6:03 am Cuts to CBC funding expected in the upcoming federal budget could have dramatic implications, touching everything from popular television programming to foreign news bureaus and eliminating hundreds of jobs, observers predict. Though the CBC declined The Huffington Post’s request for comment in advance of the budget, it is widely anticipated that Mother Corp.’s federal funding could be trimmed by upwards of 10 per cent — or some $110 million of the $1.1 billion it receives in federal funding. First reported by The Huffington Post in September, the prospect of a 10 per cent cut has over the last month become “a very consistent rumour” at Canada's public broadcaster, says Mary Darling, executive producer of the network’s hit TV show, Little Mosque of the Prairie. In addition to stoking concern among CBC employees, Darling says the possibility of significant belt-tightening is contributing to widespread uncertainty among the legions of independent producers, such as herself, who create the network’s English language dramatic programming. “People are beyond tense. This is our livelihood. This is how we make our living and send our kids to school,” said Darling, who alongside husband Clark Donnelly runs Toronto-based Westwind Pictures, the company behind Little Mosque. Currently in its final season, the sitcom won’t be affected by looming cuts. But if the rumours are true, Donnelly predicts the network won’t pick up similar programs in the future, putting several programs Westwind is currently developing in peril. “Ten per cent is enormous,” he said, adding that if he had to pitch the show under those circumstances, “I don’t think Little Mosque would have been made.”


Ron said...

As a contributor to the CPC I have made it very clear to them that my future contributions depend on what action they take in regards to the CBC.

Anonymous said...

After the way the CBC has been distorting the news, they don't deserve ANY funding. They are a disgrace to ordinary Canadians. Cut them at least 30% like the Liberals did.I would prefere them to be completly shut down though and the money go to Sun News least they REPORT, not COVER-UP.
Ontario Girl

Jen said...

Too many canadians who have no access to cable because of some reason or another rely on CBC for news which unfortunately have no idea that they are being 'suppressed' from the 'real' news.

It is really unfortunate that the CBC ,paid for by the taxpayers can resort to suppression, misleading, indoctrination style news center.

When any media resorts to tactics like these become a bedrock for anybody or thing from outside of canada that have no use for canada to fester within. And, when this happens, those medias like CBC don't have a leg to stand on to defend itself.

CBC will eventually be rid off and it will not be done by any government but by CBC itself alone.

Anonymous said...

The CBC can sell off and move out of ALL major markets to save money. They don't need to compete against the private market or the hundreds of other options.

Leave Vancouver,Toronto,MTL for Kelowna, Parry Sound, St.Johns. Imagine the savings and Canadian content cultural boost to those local economies @ 50%.

CBC can save itself by moving to SERVING the under represented and smaller markets.

gimbol said...

CBC'S mandate is to provide service where there currently isn't any.
I hardly think of the MTV as under serviced.
They can cut back on the major centers and concentrate on the north and remote areas. These markets by their very nature are non competitive, but then as a govenment funded entity their only interest should be the under and non serviced parts of the country.

Jen said...

I recall a caller to a radio show in Alberta who said that the section he is living in North Alberta where exactly I don't, said 'that they can only get CBC there, and that any more none issue becomes news since as he basically pointed there isn't much of anything to report.

So there are areas in this country that do not get any other source of media besides CBC. Therefore, they are the ones that CBC likes to manipulate and suppress the real news.
I guess this caller is not alone, we are all in the same boat mind you many of us have access to all varieties of media to satisfy own's view.

Gerald said...

I agree wholeheartily with Ron,and I've already told my MP Mr. Williamson about it.My son feels the same way.The cut should be at least 30 percent.

Gerald said...

If the govt. cuts at least 30 percent,then we can see how Solomon,Weston,Kady,and the rest of the bias Harper Haters react.Will they stop being so bias towards the CPC,especially PM Harper?I doubt it.Cutting 10 percent would be an insult to us backers of the CPC.I'm a senior and on the poverty level,but I gave quite a lot to the party last year and preceding years.Would 10 percent be just to appease us?

Anonymous said...

I hope they cut Radio Canada 100%. Never a good word for Canada, much less for the federal government or, God forbid, the Harper government.

Thucydides said...

Even the argument that isolated regions will not get news is both ignorant and out of touch.

Local newscasters will jump into an underserviced market using studio quality equipment that is now quite affordable.

They can boradcast on the airspace vacated by the CBC, but more realistically you will be hearing and seeing their podcasts on the internet.

CBC is so yesterday

Exiled Maritimer said...

The cuts to the CBC are from the annual SUBSIDY not CBC's annual budget. Can anyone tell me what the CBC budget is?

Anonymous said...

You believe a million people listening to a radio program is 'no one listens'?

I Support Lord Black