Thursday, March 01, 2012

Budget cuts

10% cuts to the CBC and lots more cuts to come. The Tories need to ignore the nonsense And get on with governing. Balancing the budget earlier is an excellent idea. Far from tempering spending cuts to ease the sting of recent political setbacks, the Conservative government intends to double down on fiscal austerity in the March 29 budget, cutting departmental spending across the board by closer to 10% than 5% and slashing the total operating budget by close to $8-billion, including a cut of at least 10% to the CBC. The goal is to get the books back in balance a year earlier than previously planned, by fiscal 2014-15 — thus allowing the Conservatives to go into an election in the fall of 2015 with a balanced budget as the centrepiece of their campaign. Until now the government has maintained it would cut between 5% and 10% across federal departments, with a goal of reducing spending by $4-billion out of a total operations budget of about $80-billion.


Anonymous said...

Indeed good post. Change the channel.
Robo-Bo-BO and his Ro-Bo Rabble got nothing.
Rich that The Liberals werew using an American Company, of course the CBC will be all over that.....crickets.
Move on Conservative Majority and get on with the buisness of the people we want you to go back to work.
Cheers Bubba

maryT said...

I still prefer to refer to those calls as the ringy dingy thingy.
Imagine the liberals sending their money out of the country. Did they think it wouldn't be traced. Could Aavaraz be involved as some of those calls came from CA.
I hope all those who send donations to the liberals are happy to see how their money was spent. But, it did create jobs in the USA.

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