Friday, March 30, 2012

Another lying grit

Either this grit mp is unable to read or she is a liar. Probably both statements are true. This is the caliber of the remaining grits. The grits are toast. She needs to publicly apologize. You can email her or call her here (613) 992-8655. Her website says foote used to be a journalist at the cbc. No surprise. h/t BC Blue.
The story has gotten more bizarre as it has gone on, with Liberal MP Judy Foote raising Ms. Sakisheway’s letter in the House, now claiming that Mr. Breitkreuz had told young girls to carry guns to protect themselves from sexual assault — something that is never mentioned in Ms. Sakisheway’s letter. When challenged to substantiate her claims, Ms. Foote threatened to table Ms. Sakisheway’s letter in the House. Ms. Foote? I’ll save you the trouble. Find the letter below. It doesn’t say what you said it did. You’re welcome! But the political sideshow misses the point. Canadians do have a right to self-defence, including the use of firearms, which are legal to own. It’s not promoting violence to say as much. National Post

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robins111 said...

I am extremely dubious of both the professional NDP activist who penned this letter and the MP, Foote-in-the-mouth. The bill regarding the long gun registry recently passed committee in the Senate and there appears to be desperation to derail the final approval.

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