Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Would Jack be Happy?

Jack apparently said love is better than anger. Well not for pat martin. He is a vile despicable foul mouthed little man and a senior member of the dippers. Jack was a supporter of the Canadian Crown. I doubt he would have handled things Canadalike this. It is expected that the bq fringe, a party that spends all its time in Ottawa trying to suck money out of the rest of Canada, would be so rude, but dippers are supposed to be nominally federalists. So much for Jack's legacy and the ndp.


maryT said...

Who wrote that letter, it wasn't Jack as he was too ill and dying. Did Topp write it.

Pissedoff said...

They don't give a royal damn, well I and most of ROC don't give damn about then and their F d up province.Take away all equalizations and their gold plated pensions also given in the name of the Queen.

I Support Lord Black