Thursday, February 09, 2012

Will elections Canada enforce the law

The liberals at elections Canada spend almost all of their persecuting Tories. I doubt this clear violation of electoral law violations will interest them The Bloc Quebecois may soon have to answer new allegations, this time related to matters of illegal funding. Gilles Duceppe’s troubles are far from over. Next week, he will appear before the House of Commons’ Board of Internal Economy to explain his use of parliamentary funds. He might also have to explain himself very soon to Elections Canada. The Bloc may have violated election laws by taking money from House coffers to pay the salary of its general director, Gilbert Gardner. According to article 416 of the Canada Elections Act, only the party’s chief agent is allowed to pay for the party’s expenses. The salary of an employee is clearly a party expense. On the other hand, in the eyes of the law, the $100,000-a-year salary of the general director is seen as a contribution. And the law is clear in defining the conditions under which a contribution can be made. Only the party’s chief agent can accept one.


Jen said...

Hide and watch, Duceppe will bring to the attention of the EC and committee of the liberals own neglect and refusal to repay loans to EC etc and the NDP taking money from the american unions which was brought to attention of the EC but nothing was done.

When all those things are brought forth by Duceppe and lawyers, I assume will be there. The story to Duceppe's own doing will, by then, forgotton and ignored.

In other words Duceppe knows how EC play their games.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if elections Canada will have RCMP raid the Bloc's offices?
Will the CBC be on hand to film and witness this raid?
Uhm...No I think not

Sean M said...

The "Liberal" party members referred to as Elections Canada will do nothing. EC exists to give loyal "Liberals" easy access to the public trough, and to harass and undermine the Conservative Government. EC, like the "Liberal" party are corrupt to the core, and they will do nothing about Duceppe stealing taxpayer money. I agree that what Duceppe did was illegal, however, Duceppe is a Separatist, therefore, in the eyes of the law and EC he is above the rules.

Jen said...

I wouldn't be surprise that if one looked through the years between the liberals and EC, you might find some strange happenings back then; no wonder EC is so quiet when it comes to the liberals and now their ndpqf.

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