Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Tory Fundraising Juggernaut rolls on.

The RTories have once again raised more than all the other parties combined. The grits seem to be excited by raising some extra money in the last quarter. I do remind them that they had a convention in January and their total includes all the fees from that conference. the grits are still raising far less than the Tories and all their talk of a new fundraising call center and a 2 million defend the leader fund , seems too little too late. Stephen Harper’s Conservatives raised nearly $23-million in 2011, stuffing another $4.1-million into their war chest in the fourth quarter of the year. This is $1-million more than the party raised in the third quarter of last year and it is above the $17.3-million the party raised in 2010. The fact that 2011 was an election year did help with fundraising. again, however, the Tories are way out in front of the other opposition parties on the fundraising front. In 2011, the official opposition NDP raised $7.5-million and has some catching up to do to the third party Liberals, who have raised a total of $10.3-million.


Anonymous said...

The Conservatives still FAR outpace everyone, but the gap is narrowing and the Liberals are showing peculiar resilience, given recent electoral manifestations. As an aside, those scoffing at any fundraising "uptick" would be the same people jumping all over any "setback" as evidence of looming death, a revealing reality. There is something to be said for a third party easily besting the Official Opposition, as well as increasing donors, given perceptions.

It wasn't that long ago that the Conservatives regularly had 4X the fundraising of the Liberals, ditto for the amount of donors. This latest quarter shows the closest comparison to date, Liberals actually raised 66% of the Conservative tally, 71% on the donor front:
Conservatives: 4,100,154.71 raised
Liberals: 2,716,969.86 raised
NDP: 1,613,434.61 raised

Conservatives: 35,747 donors
Liberals: 25,847 donors
NDP: 17,975 donors

Anonymous said...

Good i hope the Liberals do get themselves together, eventually power will corrupt Harper's crowd, when they fall from power i'd much rather they be replaced by the liberals than the NDP.

Jen said...

Pat Martin for the NDPQF publicily said on Evans Solomon a month ago that " the liberals took $56billion from the EI funds"

Evan Solomon so afraid of liberals and ndpqf never bothered to question the liberals on Pat Martin's statement.

No, what will happen though, the liberals will without a doubt be used by the ndpqf ( hidden of course by the media), to institute bills they not libs, want or else, even damming bad news of the liberals did will be heard daily and no amount of media will stop the ndpqf or else they too will be crucified for lying hiding and keeping what should have been told to the public years ago.

So yeah bring in the ndpqf/lib and canada will.......

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