Saturday, February 18, 2012

Surprise cbc biased?

SRC ombudsmen declares the French CBC based on Israel. This will not chang the biases of the cbc. We need to sell the cbc. OTTAWA - In a stinging rebuke, Radio-Canada ombudsman Pierre Tourangeau said journalist Ginette Lamarche was biased, used unverified facts and was inaccurate in her recent reporting on Israel. Tourangeau overturned a finding by the state broadcaster's complaints department that had largely dismissed complaints from Honest Reporting Canada over five reports on Mideast issues aired last December. Tourangeau found the reports failed to show balance, impartiality, and accuracy as required by Radio-Canada's own journalistic standards. In a December 19 radio report, Lamarche claimed "many Palestinians spend a good part of their youth in jail for participating in a demonstration or throwing stones," without citing a reliable source for this claim. According to Honest Reporting Canada, convicted stone throwers in fact spend an average of seven months behind bars.

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Alain said...

Yes, the CBC needs to be privatised, since it is simply incurable. When it comes to Israel there is no lack of bias on the English network, and on the French one it is even worse. Actually it seems they are incapable of reporting unbiased news on any topic on either network.

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