Thursday, February 16, 2012

Strong Support for HM Government to...

balance the budget!! Most Canadians also think federal bureaucrats are paid too much. They want spending cuts , not new taxes. Time to take to cut the budget!!! OTTAWA - Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has the backing of Canadians to slash federal jobs, according to a new poll that suggests reducing the deficit should be the cornerstone of the government's upcoming budget. Flaherty is expected to announce tough measures to find annual savings of at least $4 billion a year — a move public sector unions fear will lead to stacks of pink slips after years of bloat under Prime Minister Stephen Harper. An Abacus Data poll suggests 61% of 1,209 online respondents support job cuts to balance the books and erase the $32-billion deficit. The poll found 65% believe balancing the budget and reducing the federal deficit should be a very high or high priority. Eighteen percent said they oppose taking an axe to federal workers, while 21% neither support nor oppose job cuts.


Clown Party of Canada said...

I'm part of that 61%, yet the Federal Government will NOT touch the biggest drain and waste ... the CBC. They fear the CBC like the enviroMENTALists.

The Government can easly cut $250 million of the $1.3 billion. With today's techonology there is no need for CBC. Their mandate was met years ago. They should cut that much each year until it gets as much as CTV, Global, and the Sun News Network ... the least they can do is open their books like they want the Federal Govt to open theirs.

Clown Party of Canada said...

I could not resist the following poll:

What is your favourite program on CBC?

I'd rather watch static . 73%
Republic of Doyle ....... 12%
Arctic Air .............. 5%
Little Mosque on the Prairie 4%
Mr. D ................... 3%
Being Erica ............. 3%

Total Votes for this Question: 1843
That is about 1,345 people that would rather watch CBC static.

Anonymous said...

cut 10% of the bureauracy starting at the top. ther are more chiefs than indians in the so called civil service. pull the unproductive weeds and maybe we can reduce costs.

I Support Lord Black