Saturday, February 18, 2012

Refugee claims

I am pleased My HM Minister of Citizen and immigration's changes to refugee rules. We now get refugees from almost every country on earth. We need to get real refugees.Good work Jason!!! OTTAWA — Calling Canada’s asylum system “broken,” the federal Conservative government has introduced legislation that will deport “bogus” refugee claimants quicker, clamp down on human smugglers and require certain visa holders to turn over biometric data. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, who introduced the Protecting Canada’s Immigration Act on Thursday, billed the new law as an improvement to the Balanced Refugee Reform Act adopted during the previous minority Parliament but not implemented because of a lack of support from opposition parties. It also swallows the government’s human smuggling bill tabled in June and moves forward on a biometrics plan a Commons committee only recently sat down to consider Under Bill C-31, claims from “safe” democratic countries would be processed within 45 days instead of the 1,000 days it currently takes, or the 171 days it’s expected to take under the Balanced Refugee Reform Act.


Anonymous said...

“Real Refugees”!!!!!! That’s good now….glad someone’s thinking here…cause real refugees will not come from countries that hate us ie: countries that support, sponsor or endorse terrorism!!!

“Real Refugees”…now that’s a buzzword that actually sounds Canadian or something a loving, caring, compassionate liberal would come up with!!! Yeah we invite “Real Refugees into our country that has an immense social safety-net that is paid for by the minority of the working people in this country.

May I ad the working people that are descendants of immigrants, immigrants who’s forefathers built this nation from the soil upward and never had any kind of social safety-net to fall back on.
Now we just give it away like a bunch of fun loving liberals. Oh Canada our home and native land………………………………..................................................

Anonymous said...

Hey there anonymous you racist bigot loser get a life. You should be banned form this site. Everyone in Canada is an immigrant there buddy boy. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t share our wealth with the world’s less fortunate. Canada is a rich country with lots of space and lots of money for many people to enjoy. We need immigrants to fill the jobs that lazy coward bigots like you wont work at. I demand that Dr. Roy remove your comment as it is purely raciest and offensive.

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