Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Quebec, Canada's poorest province

An interesting article whishs is another reason why we need a real centre right party in Quebec. We also need to rein in our greenies who are preventing Quebec from developing its resources while Quebec accepts billions in subsidies from Alberta Oil. The left in Quebec thinks every thing is fine or everything could be fine if Quebec were independent. The RESEau Liberte Quebec will be discussing these issues with the author of the study on Mar 18, 2012 in Levis. come join us. Montreal • Forget Newfoundland, derided for decades as the fish-dependent fiscal laughingstock of Canada. Another province is swiftly climbing the ranks of the penniless: Quebec. Quebecers will displace their fellow countrymen as the poorest Canadians if current income and purchasing power trends continue, according to a new study released Tuesday by Montreal’s HEC business school. The stark outlook underscores the urgency for Canada’s second-largest province to fix its structural problems and lends weight to arguments that its untapped natural resources should be developed.


Anonymous said...

What would anyone expect when you isolate yourself by language from the entire continent?
Quebec has done so much whining since conferderation, the rest of the world has finally tuned them out.
Couldn't have happened to a more deserving bunch.

bertie said...

Now if the CANADIAN government quit giving them 8 billion a year and used the 8 billion to lower our taxes,we would be living in a perfect world.

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