Tuesday, February 21, 2012

pq studies separatism

The pq has released many studies showing (surprise surprise) separatism would be good for Quebec. Most Quebecers have not been very impressed. Now Pauline marois has gathered has gather another commission to study separatism and come up with the same conclusion. The committe is made up mostly of older members of the separatist movement. Maybe Pauline could get justin trudeau to join her committee. pauline and justin have much in common. They try to increase their poll number by bashing the tories. They both don't see their Canada with a Tory Majority government. They both muse about Quebec separatism. justin would add some much needed youth to the commission separatism. How about it Justin, after you do a fund raiser for duceppe and the bq, you can join pauline's commission. justin could be the gentler prettier face of Quebec separatism. Quebec’s separatists have lost the only two referendums they held and their federal party was virtually eliminated in the last election, but don’t try telling them the record amounts to a rejection of their independence option. For true-believing sovereigntists, defeat is just a sign the voters have yet to fully appreciate the genius of their project. All that is needed is a little more convincing, or as the sovereigntists like to call it “pedagogy.” On Sunday, Parti Québécois leader Pauline Marois kicked off the latest educational initiative, and it sounds like as much fun as being stuck in a summer-school classroom while your friends enjoy vacation.

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Gerald said...

Quebec will never be satisfied.There was a man on tv.the other day,I honestly can't remember who it was,but he stated that most of the population of Quebec are separtists.I'm 72yrs.of age,and I've had to listen to it all my adult life,and I'm so sick of it.They're just holding us ransom.The feds will let it go on and on,and we'll suffer.We should definitely have a referendum,as it's our country to,and we have to settle this once and for all,poop or get off the pot.I know I'm going to see my MP John Williamson about it,as this can't keep going on.I live in New Brunswick where you have to be french to get a govt job.I've heard many times on the radio where young anglos that can speak an write fluently in french,but they have an english name,so the french person gets the job,even though they are not as qualified.Most of my life,I and others are expected to keep quiet about this,as the govt.,cons or libs want the french vote so they don't want to rock the boat.If an anglo in New Brunswick don't cater to the french,then they'll never be the govt. in power.

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