Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The nanny state and children

I had the misfortune of listening to the Rick and Suzanne show on CJAD today. The afternoon time slot gets more liberal by the minute. I am not a big advocate of spanking. I am a big advocate of the nanny state generally butting out of family matters. Most of the time they get it wrong. Rick and Suzanne were laughing because of these comments by Boris Johnson sympathizes with parents who just aren’t sure how hard they can smack their children – legally speaking. The mayor of London told the BBC he thinks parents should have more leeway, comments in line with the argument that last summer’s London riots were, in part, caused by parents easing up on physical punishment. “People do feel anxious about imposing discipline on their children, whether the law will support them...,” he told the BBC. “Parents ... should be seen as the natural figures of authority.” A U.K. law in place since 2004 allows parents to smack their kids without causing the “reddening of the skin,” according to The Telegraph. While Mr. Johnson did add that parents should not be given a free pass for “for physical abuse or for violence,” the comment raises the question of where to draw the line. British member of Parliament David Lammy argues that working-class parents in his constituency are worried about their children being wooed by gangs and a life of violent crime.>Boris Johnson, Mayor of London. I did call in to tell them that the nanny state should but out of most family matters. The two of them continued their self righteous liberal cackling. suzanne, who fancies herself a child rearing expert talked about how she never spanked her children and was quite dismissive. I am not a spanking advocate , I just think the nanny state should generally stay out of these situations. Parents should be given some leeway. Parents now fear their children will call 911 if they are disciplined. The nanny state makes it easier for kids to run wild with the cooperation of people like rick and suzanne. THis province have unions who believe they should raise children better than parents. I hope Cjad gets rid of these liberal losers( especially suzanne) very soon.


Suzanne F. said...

I don't like spanking in general, but I think that parents need to have the authority to physically correct their children, just like the police need the power to physically overpower criminals, especially those that are not completely rational.

Anonymous said...

I raised 5 kids, a couple of them thought that if they threatened me with phoning authorities they would win the argument...wrong, I asked them for the number so I could dial it for them...if they wanted to find a better home they were welcome to it....they changed their minds...things weren't as awful at home as they thought...did I spank no but I sure didn't take any guff from any of them either.

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