Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Michael Sona denies involvement

Michael Sona is my friend. I don't think he did any of this. He has denied this publicly today. I believe him. I think the Tories have been premature. He resigned last week from his position in the office of Conservative MP Eve Adams, but he said he did so only because the controversy prevented him from doing his job. “I have remained silent to this point with the hope that the real guilty party would be apprehended. The rumours continue to swirl, and media are now involving my family, so I feel that it is imperative that I respond,” Mr. Sona said in a statement to CTV News. “I had no involvement in the fraudulent phone calls, which also targeted our supporters as can be attested to by our local campaign team and phone records.” Mr. Sona first made news during the last election when he objected to a polling station at the University of Guelph and tried to grab a ballot box. He burst into the front foyer of the campus University Centre declaring the polling station illegal, according to accounts from students who described themselves as non-partisan. Mr. Sona has been linked to election-day automated calls in the riding of Guelph since the existence of the Elections Canada investigation came to light last week. Defence Minister Peter MacKay suggested earlier this week that Mr. Sona’s resignation was related to the Guelph election. “I think they’ve identified the individual that was involved in this,” Mr. MacKay told CBC News, without specifically referring to Mr. Sona. “That individual is no longer in the employment of the party.” However, the opposition has continued to reject the notion that Mr. Sona, 23, was responsible for the alleged electoral fraud. “Someone on those [government] front benches knows who did what and when and he or she cannot scapegoat some young kid for a scandal of this magnitude,” NDP MP Pat Martin said in the House.


Anonymous said...

I also believe Sona was not involved. I also think that the Conservatives do not know who did this -- hence McKay's tentative comments. He does not actually accuse Sona directly. Actually, I think it was the media that pointed the finger at Sona -- and everyone took it at face value, presumably including McKay, who has no other theories or information.

Anonymous said...

I tend to believe Mr. Sona. If he says he had nothing to do with the robocalls, I'm willing to take his word for it.

However, we know that the media and the opposition jackals are out for blood. Even though they've characterized the "deed" as being done by "a 23-year old kid who's been thrown under the bus" the real target is ultimately the Prime Minister. The opposition and their media allies just cannot countenance that PM Harper will be in power until 2015 and maybe beyond. He MUST be shown to have reached power illegitimately. That is the whole point of this entire charade about robocalls.

I would urge Conservatives like Ministers Baird and Mackay not to rely on media reports when asked their opinion. Minister Baird foolishly repeated the Ottawa Citizen's speculation about the NDP being responsible for setting up the Vikileaks site and Minister Mackay apparently believed the reports about Michael Sopa. Maybe a non-committal "the jury's still out on that" would have been more appropriate.
-- Gabby in QC

Jan said...

All this hoopla about the robocalls is largely to deflect the real issue here: that a Liberal staffer set up a Twitter account specifically to malign a sitting MP by revealing personal information on a government computer, on government time at taxpayer expense. Bob Rae and Pat Martin have NO moral compass.
By the way, the Conservatives are 100% behind the investigation into robocalls. All parties, including Conservatives were affected by this. What a waste of resources, however, and a detraction from the real issues in the House, since EC only received 30 complaints about this.

Anonymous said...

Well now, if Dr. Roy says he's innocent.... ROFLMAO!!!!

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