Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lysiane Gagnon on the petit dauphin

Lysiane Gagnon cautions the grits on the petit air headed, foul mouthed dauphin. Want to retweet that justin? Those who are remotely familiar with the Trudeau family have always known that Justin Trudeau takes more after his mother than his father. Like Margaret, he is charming, sociable, warm and emotional, but even though he had a close relationship with his father, he didn’t inherit Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s steely determination, his sharp, cerebral mind, and certainly not his political judgment. This is why the infatuation of so many anglophone Liberals with Justin Trudeau has always been incomprehensible on this side of the Ottawa River. From the day the photogenic eldest son delivered a moving eulogy at his father’s funeral, he has been touted in many circles as Pierre Trudeau’s natural successor, the one with the “royal jelly” – as if, in a weird nostalgia for monarchy, the Liberals longed for a Trudeau dynasty. Now, though, after the recent outburst of Trudeau fils – who essentially told the CBC that he’d rather embrace Quebec separatism than live in a Canada dominated by the “Harperites” – the Liberals have probably come down to Earth and realize that this young man is more of a liability than a future leader. Here is a Canadian who’s ready to renounce his citizenship and accept the breakup of the country because he doesn’t like the government of the day? What would happen if he didn’t like the policies of the future government of a separate Quebec? Would he emigrate back to Canada?

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