Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Liberal lapdog Larry

Larry just cannot believe that the Canadian people keep re electing the Tories. His beloved grits keep losing. he and his grit friends demanded deficit spending and now complain about. he and his liberal friends gutted the military and sent our soldiers into harm's way under equipped. Liberal larry really wants to write that Canadians are stupid. We can's see through Tory trickery. We're not as smart as liberal larry. Why does thus buffoon pretend to be a journalist. He is a liberal hack pure and simple. Just like his friend franky graves he is usually wrong about all things Tory. Liberal Larry 's latest article is the usual dribble from a grit apologist.


Gerald said...

PM Harper had to refit the military,and other things you all know about,but lieberal hack Martin wants to forget about abscam and buying of votes in Quebec.The most important thing that PM Harper has done since he's been PM is giving Canada a good name again,an honest PM that other countries envy.Boy,I cant stand that Martin.Us Irish don't care for them scots anyway.Gerald.

Jen said...

Larry better change his tune fast because the liberals are now beholden, tied too, to the NDPQF.

The liberals cut tranfer funding to provinces for their healthcare which they (provinces) are suffering now.
Infastructures were and still are suffering due to the liberals cuts.
The list is very long to write.

The liberals blame mulroney for the liberals own doing just as Dalton is blaming Mike Harris for Dalton's own creation to ontario debt and have not province.

If the liberals did their job seeing to the military education healthcare etc. The PM of today (SH)nor canadians would have to face the bulk of it and expenses today.

Ted Betts said...

Classic 'don't like the message, shoot the messenger' response.

Larry is no Liberal.

Anyone who has read his book on Chretien could never claim he likes the Liberals.

It is so convenient to just claim everyone who criticizes the waste and incompetence and undemocratic behaviours of Dear Leader Harper must be communist or, worse, a Liberal.

But as poll after poll after poll after election after election shows: far more Canadians dislike Harper than like him.

The one and only reason Harper is more than a tiny footnote in history is that we just simply dislike the dysfunctional opposition even more.

Roy Eappen said...

Keep underestimating us Ted. Your party will stay number three for a very long time.

Ted Betts said...

Not sure where you think I'm underestimating anyone Roy. This has nothing to do with that.

Facts are facts.

Harper, like conservatives before him, have benefited from a myth of fiscal and economic savy which they don't deserve.

Harper is not liked by Canadians. He's just not as disliked as the other opposition parties/leaders.

Claiming someone like Lawrence Martin is a grit apologist because he dares to be critical of Dear Leader Harper demonstrates an obvious divorce from reality.

As they say, you are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

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