Wednesday, February 15, 2012

le petit dauphin digs deeper

Apparently if you don't agree with the federal government, you should separate. So obviously Alberta should have separated over the the stalinist trudeau NEP. James Bowden points out that le petit foul mouthed dauphin apparently doesn't understand the concept of the Loyal Opposition or anything else. I hope my friend Senator Brazeu can knock some sense into this air headed boy. Herein lies Justin Trudeau’s warped conception of loyal opposition: legitimate, responsible political opposition toward the government of the day. Normally, loyal opposition means opposition to the government’s policies but loyalty to the Crown, and therefore to the country. Loyal opposition relies on parliamentary institutions in order to effect change. If one disagrees with the policies of the government of the day – they’re too right-wing, too left-wing, or whatever – then one should work toward ousting the government in the next election and replacing it with another government more in line with one’s views. Trudeau, however, seems to suggest something else entirely different in this interview. Essentially, his assertion (because he’s not really dealing in evidentiary argumentation) rests on the premise that if Quebeckers oppose the alleged right-wing policies of the Harper government and the Conservative Party of Canada, they should consider secession as a legitimate response rather than electing a new government in which Quebec would receive more Cabinet representation. Alternatively, even from a secessionist standpoint, Trudeau’s argument insults the intelligence of Quebeckers: Trudeau asserts that Quebeckers should not elect to secede from the Canadian federation and become a sovereign State because they oppose the Canadian federal State, but merely because they disagree with the government of the day. More from my friend Licia Corbello andthe NP Maybe the petit foul mouthed dauphin will be holding a fundraiser for his bloc friends.


E Mac said...

Leave the buffoon alone, he is self-destructing all on his own.
The upcoming fight with Brazeu may knock some sense into JT and that would be a mistake.
He had no credibility prior to these recent statements, now he has confirmed what people were thinking.
His Mom must be proud of him.

Jen said...

THat fool doesn't like Canada under Harper but likes Quebec at what they are doing to canada.

There is nothing to be proud of by any quebecer to live off the rest of Canada, be in the largest debt and a Have-not province. The heavy debt burden is being placed on the fed gov.

In fact, Trudeau is not alone, there are medias that don't like Canada either.

As long as we are being recognized by the outside world to do business with and is respected to even pass great reviews of our canada, Trudeau, cbc ctv etc can disappear for all I care.

Sean M said...

It's no secret that Trudeau Sr. needed the services of a psychiatrist his whole life ( from puberty, till death ) and his Mother Maggie is a befuddled mess. Maybe Justine should do himself and the country a favour, get some psychiatric help for his pathological narcissism and get the hell out of politics. One crazy entitled Trudeau was enough!

Thucydides said...

No, please, let him speak

The entire nation needs to see and hear this sort of talk so they can discover the real nature of "Progressive" politicians.

We need to encourage academics and bureaucrats to speak more often as well.

Once enough people really understand the mindset of Progressives, they will be much more inclined to shut them out and shut them down

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