Tuesday, February 14, 2012

le petit dauphin could be a separatist

Arch separatist josee legault has this remarkable article about justin. Apparently he could be a separatist if Stephen Harper manages do change Canada too much. So much for her Majesty's Loyal opposition. So much for his dad's views. Maybe justin would be more happy in the nap or bq. He was asked about what happens to Canada under Stephen Harper. His conclusion: the country "goes too far to the right." Difficult indeed to say otherwise. But then he added that this fact is not explained worrisome because Canadians do not have the same "values" that Quebecers, but, he explained, because there would be "a way view of social responsibility, openness towards others, a cultural pride, here in Quebec, which is necessary for Canada. " Phew. This is a major political distinction between him and his father, former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau died in October 2000. Indeed difficult to imagine such a comment coming from one who, in fact, has fought hard Quebec nationalism for decades. And until repatriation and significantly change the Canadian constitution without the approval of the National Assembly. Then, Justin Trudeau added in an interview: "I always say if, at some point, I thought Canada was really the Canada Stephen Harper, then we went against abortion, then we went against gay marriage, then it returns back to ten thousand different ways, maybe I would think to want to make Quebec a country. Oh yes. Absolutely. If I do not recognize Canada, me, my values, I know them very well. "


Jen said...

Pierre Trudeau's canada changed canada not for the better but for thr worse with his multiculturalism.
Separatism has been a major goal for Quebecers but not having the proper leader to carry out this mission, Justin thought that he can accomplish such a mission for Quebec like his father to canada.

I hope that Justin takes many of the reporters who despise the PM, with him.
One thing to remember 'don't call on ROC for money call France instead.

Kevin said...

I think like most Canadians I am fed up with this whole separation issue. So when they say they may want to leave I say faster please.

Pissedoff said...

He can take his father's charter of stupidity with him.