Tuesday, February 21, 2012

in defense of the foul mouthed dauphin

it is not surprising that republican Andrew cohen defends the dauphin's separatist musings. a truly nauseating article. He seems to think that the dauphin is some kind go god and one day will lead the grits. I would celebrate the day this empty headed pretty boy leads the grits. It would mean their final demise. Keep talking Justin, your fans will keep your head big and you can help finish off the job pseudo chretien started and kill off the grits.


Louise said...

My sentiments, exactly.

Frances said...

What sticks in my craw is his utter disrespect for those who do not define their country by access to abortion, let alone same-sex marriage. Such 'regressives' are obviously beyond the pale and to be despised. But the boy would be the first to complain should his ideas not be given the respect he denies others.

Sue said...

The utter cowardice of the Ottawa Citizen to provide no comment forum for this pathetic professors column.

Nice that political logic escapes the self-esteemed journalism Professor Cohen.

How cravenly Cohen condones Trudeau's implied separatism statement. Cohen should get his knuckles rapped given his responsibility at the Dominion-Historica, a charitable institute focussed on the glory of Canadian history and citizenship.

Not when it interferes with his own biases.

DeGaul of Trudeau and Cohen.

Roy Eappen said...

I stopped donating to Dominion historical because of cohen.

Rick Thomson said...

I pray for the day that Trudeau the lesser becomes leader of the grits. On that day the last nail will be pounded into their coffin.

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