Monday, February 27, 2012

I was Wrong

I thoughthe dippers were behind the vikileaks account. It seemed very amateurish. That it was so easily tracked to th HoC made me doubt it was the grits. I was wrong. The grits are behind it. Bob Rae as forced to admit this and apologize. So once again we see the opposition can hardly claim to have clean hands. Indeed the dippers have been robo calling their ex mp's constituents. Perhaps this will dampen the opposition hysteria, but I doubt it. Update catsmeat syas there must be other grits involved.


Rotterdam said...

Apparently Kinsella says he did not act alone. Check his blog.
I do not think you will hear Bob Rae mention "Nixonian Culture" when his own underling did what G. Gordon Liddy did to Daniel Ellsberg

Cool Blue said...

Somebody should look into that staffer, his name is very familiar and I'm sure he was involved in some other scandal a couple years back?

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