Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Good Idea: Oversight

Apparently back bench MP's are studying their oversight powers on the tens of billions of federal spending. I like the idea of having an oversight committee with the ability to do delve into the nitty gritty of spending and other matters. It would help ministers cut more unnecessary spending. It should be given adequate resources to do its oversight with layers and accountants at its disposal. It will help bring back some power to MPs and I think it should be considered by HM Government. Backbench MPs are launching a sweeping study of their own powers Wednesday in hopes of wrestling back some long lost influence over public spending. Parliament routinely rubber stamps more than $230-billion in annual spending presented to them as a fait accompli by the Prime Minister and his ministers in cabinet. Calls to reform the ancient spending review process have flared up under Liberal and Conservative governments, but the frustration of MPs remains. In a House of Commons where the name calling and insults flying in both directions appears to be reaching a new all-time low, this review by the Government Operations committee is – for now – a rare place of all-party harmony. “This is an important study,” said rookie MP Alexandre Boulerice, who’s been surprised to learn that the myriad spending reports the government provides to MPs are often of little use because of the way they are presented.

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