Saturday, February 04, 2012

Gardner back to Harper Bashing

So gardner has gone back to his usual harper bashing. Things are back to normal. The grit msm is back to its pining for the days of grit rule. I understand why HM PM Harper wants to destroy the grits. I have long despised the way the grits have attempted to destroy Canada. I disagree with virtually everything the grits have done since pearson became prime minister. It is time to reverse many of these policies. It took many years for the grits to impose their trudeaupean nightmare. We need to to reverse it and prevent the grit weeds from again choking the Canadian garden. The msm who are grit spokespeople want to fertilize those weeds. We must continue to fight against their attempts to do tis.


Anonymous said...

Bravo well said Dr Roy.

Jen said...

I take it that Gardner was missing the harper bashing media crowd to surrender his common sense reporting.
When in rome you do what romans do.
When in a harperbashing crowd you do what harper bashers do.

A code they follow.
At least we know where he is at not to worry.

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