Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I have attended the Heartland Institute Climate realists a number of times. I recently spoke to Joe Bast. I know the institute and Joe to be honorable people. They have always invited their opponents to attend the conference and war mists have attended and were given the opportunity to speak. So a so called scientist who is an expert on ethics used outright fraud to obtain documents and probably forged a document to try and "expose" the Heartland Institute. He has just exposed the climate hoax and it's supporters. The hoaxsters receive hundreds of millions in support. The climate realists exist on a shoe string, but they are winning. Truth is the best defense and the hoaxsters are so unsure of their truth , that they must use these despicable tactics. They have damaged themselves yet again. The hoaxsters are calling the liar and thief their hero. Last week, what was purported to be the Heartland Institute's strategy documents were leaked to prominent climate-change websites, such as Vancouver's DeSmogBlog, which posted them online, where they were picked up by media outlets around the world. Heartland is a Chicagobased libertarian think tank that has helped publicize research that questions the alleged consensus on man-made global warming and hosts a successful annual conference of warming sceptics. DeSmog and others were leaked a cache of electronic documents appearing to show Heartland's yearly budget and donors' list. Also included was a "confidential memo" entitled, "2012 Heartland Climate Strategy." The budget and directory of contributors were largely unremarkable; it surprised no one that Heartland spends a couple of million dollars a year on climate science, most of which comes from an anonymous donor presumed to be an energy company investor. It was the confidential memo that really sold the story - that gave the steak its sizzle, if you will. The memo purports to show Heartland staff and directors participating in what DeSmog calls the Climate Cover-Up, a plot to create a phony belief among teachers and the public that climate science is still unsettled. By "intentionally sowing the seeds of confusion," DeSmog claims, Heartland and other sceptics hope to slow the teaching of global warming theory in schools and stall public-policy efforts to switch Western economies from carbon fuels to alternate energy sources. The biggest trouble for DeSmog and the other outlets that instantly ran with this stunning revelation is that the confidential memo is almost certainly a forgery. Another problem is that the remaining Heartland documents (which are likely real, but largely unremarkable) were obtained fraudulently and did not come from a Heartland "insider," as DeSmog claimed, but rather from a prominent global-warming alarmist and activist, Peter Gleick, co-founder of the Pacific Institute, an environmental think tank, and a long-time foe of Heartland.

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truth is a great weapon in which to club the elitist leftwing head. the problem is that they have co-opted the strategy of fear, a rather formidable shield against truth. the cracks are certainly showing in the movement but it is far from being crushed.

brad maynard

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