Sunday, February 05, 2012

Ethnic cleansing in Quebec

Whenever the Quebec separatists see their cause sinking, they call upon the language card. Like it not this is a form of ethnic cleansing. Hundreds of thousands of Anglophones have left Quebec since 1976. Billions od dollars of tax base has left with him. It seems that separatists want to drive the rest of us out. Most Quebeckers understand that English is an asset not an enemy, but the hard core hypocrites like khadr(he studied at McGill) continue this nonsense. Apparently they also want to send more businesses to the rest of Canada. MONTREAL - Unless it is considered “indispensable,” the ability to speak English should not be a criterion for getting a job in this province, Québec solidaire president Françoise David told reporters on Saturday. “We feel there are probably a lot of jobs where it’s not necessary to speak English,” said David, adding that the awarding of daycare centre permits be conditional to an assurance that “the predominant language in the education of young children be French." “In Montreal at the moment we have plenty of family run daycares where French is not the predominant language,” she said. “And eventually we end up with children entering kindergarten who cannot speak French, which places them at a disadvantage to other children.” David also said the provisions of Bill 101 requiring the language of the workplace be French should be extended to companies with a minimum of 10 employees from the present limit of 50.


Anonymous said...

We left in the spring 1971, after the FLQ terrorist murdered Mr. LaPorte. Ethnic cleansing began then. I was eight at the time. It was raining that day we left in the U-Haul.

Don Sharpe said...

They'll be sorry when there's no one left to protect them from the Islamists.

Sean M said...

The charade of "protecting" the french language by restricting the use of English has been going on for decades. Only a fool would fall for any of this garbage. French language tribalism is a weapon used to keep the tribe in line and shut all others out. French speaking bigots and tribalists have been distorting the history and make-up of that former British Crown colony for decades. While i don't believe for a second that french speakers make up a "people", they're policies of intolerance and destruction are certainly racist! For tribalism and racism to prosper one needs an enemy, and in the case of Quebec the enemy is English. It's a real shame, but the English history of Quebec ( and Canada) continues to be cleansed out of existence by vile french speaking zealots.

Hugo Shebbeare said...

I concur, and provide the definition too here:
'Fear Plays A Big Factor in Quebec

Many persons, of diverse backgrounds, during this same time period in 2008, have suffered from this type of harassment (details to come later publically and during the next meeting in May), but they gave up right away due to the size of this institution - even though several have remained unemployed ever since (15 months). Since I have witnessed too much to stand by and do nothing about this ethnic cleansing - defined as 'the planned deliberate removal from a specific territory (govt workplace in this case), persons of a particular ethnic group, by force or intimidation, in order to render that area ethnically homogeneous,' and there is significant legal backing, I shall litterally drop the gloves on the CDPQ until they cede - following a hold-fast/siege strategy until justice is obtained. And for those who think that I am just attacking Quebec because the bashing has been a little too frequent lately, I am simply following a family tradition on the other side of the family at questioning government over its tendency to tyranny. Doctor John, as affectionately called by seniors in the Shebbeare family, was highly critical of Colonial Magistrates and wrote out during the American Revolution in the same way. He was also extremely critical of His Majesty King George III (the mad one), but ended up as a pamphleteer for the same King he was attacking, around the time an another ancestor became Prime Minister.'

Thank you Dr Roy for exposing this!

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