Sunday, February 26, 2012

Daniel Hannan on Oz

The leadership spill will soon be upon the Oz labour party. No matter who wins labour will be damaged. Both sides are giving the opposition ad makers tons of material. the Cabinet will be divide and this will give Tony Abbott a boost, which he doesn't really red given labour's abysmal poll standings. Rudd should be be able to get 33-36 votes and that should lead to a very divided labour party. As the Sunday Morning Herald quotes a labour insider>The Prime Minister is unacceptable to the people; the alternative leader is unacceptable to the people who choose the prime minister. Or, as a party official put it yesterday: "She'll still be illegitimate and he'll still be a bastard." I wonder if rudd will be vicious enough to quit if he loses. That will lead to a by-election( and likely a loss) and probably a general election. Let the people of Oz throw out labour and gillard's carbon tax. In a press conference on Saturday, Kevin Rudd, who has resigned as foreign minister to challenge his boss, Julia Gillard, said something revealing. 'The job of the Australian government', he pronounced, 'is to keep Tony Abbott out'. Really? That's the primary purpose of the state machine of the Commonwealth of Australia? Not to run the country? Thanks for clearing that one up, Kevin. It's hardly surprising that the Australian Labor Party is unpopular when it treats voters this way. The party's present convulsions betray a contempt for the electorate, a sense that the little people will put up with whatever they're damn well given. No one is even pretending that the Rudd-Gillard vendetta is ideological. This is the first leadership campaign I can remember where not a single politician has used the words 'I want to focus on the issues'. Given the Corsican nature of what is going on, such a phrase would be risible. Instead, Labor pols fall back on that most desperate of appeals: 'Keep the other lot out'.

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