Monday, February 13, 2012

CPAC 2012

Rep Steve King

Michael Medved

The Santorums

Sen Inhofe

Ann Coulter

Allen West

Callista and Newt Gingrich

Gov Bobby Jindal

Paul Begala Tucker Carlson

Grover Norquist

Andrew Breitbart

Ford's Theater

I just got back from CPAC 2012. It was a lot of fun. I also vote to hear and meet all The GOP nominees except Ron Paul who sent his son Senator Rand Paul. It was also fun to make new friends and seemany old friends both from Canada and the United States. I was already leaning to Governor Mitt Romney. After CPASC I am sure that Romney should be the GOP nominee. He gave a great speech and I dope to lots of his supporters and he seems the best choice. This of course will not get Romney one vote. I am Canadian. I was irritated that Sen Santorum used his family as stage props.He made the stand behind him for the whole speech. His younger kids looked decidedly bored. He should have at least let them sit down. I have met Newt a few times in the past, but this time I also met Callista. Though I liked Newt's speech, Idon't think he would a good pick for the GOP> We did have some problems with occupy protesters( being pad $60 a day) to protest. They were out numbered 50 to 1 and made little impact. A few got in to try and disrupt Sarah Palin's speech, but they were shouted down. I did get to talk to Governor Palin again. I reminded her that we had met before in Hamilton. She asked me my name , then read it from my name tag and said hi Roy and gave me a big smile. I was glad that she urged party unity for the GOP nominee , whoever he was to be.  CPAC had many panels hat we should also talk about in Canada, but we seem afraid to talk about like immigration and the left's takeover of universities. I got to speak to a number of US lawmakers like Allen West and Steve King. Fight club with Carlson and Begala was fun I always told everyone I was visiting from Canada and pushed the Keystone XL pipeline to anyone who would listen.
 It was great to hear Governors Bobby Jindal, Bob McDonell and Rick Scott talk about their numerous accomplishments in turning around their states.  It was great to her Gov Scot Wallker of Wisconsin talk about his great moves to limits union power. Mitt won the straw poll and that seemed much more realistic than the last few years. Marco Rubio gave a great speech and won the straw poll for VP nominee.
MEP Daniel Hannen was also speaking. I had a chance to chat with him. He was very generous in his praise for HM PM Harper. My flight was delayed yesterday and I had a chance to see the Lincoln exhibits at Ford's Theater. All in all it was an exhilarating few days. Though I did go to the GoProud party and was irritated they were not at CPAC> I spoke to many people and I think they will be returning next year!

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Thought you might appreciate the literally explosive information in the following interview, Dr. Roy.

Possibly for transmittal the the leadership players in your above photos.

See the interview with Sid Roth and Rabbi Jonathan Cahn re his outlining nine harbingers (warnings) to America. It's on youtube, parts one and two.

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