Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chantal Hebert on the robocalls

Chantal Hebert points out that the opposition's suddenly remembering that there were robocalls in ridings where the Tories would have no benefit and none in ridings where there might have been a benefit. What is the grand scheme? I think we need to get the real facts. Mme. Hebert also reminds us the opposition's claims to clean hands are laughable.( The picture above the article is the nap mp who crossed the floor and had her riding bombarded by the ndp with robocalls. Let the grits continue to say that the only reason they lost are the alleged robocalls. They should therefore bring back ignatieff as their leader. MONTREAL—If there is a tactical scheme behind the so-called voter suppression scandal, it is not readily apparent in the list of allegedly abused ridings put forward by the opposition parties. Only a small fraction of the 50 federal seats where the margin of victory was less than 5 per cent last May — and where presumably every vote counted — are alleged to have been targeted by fraudulent calls. Liberal ridings such as Brampton-Springdale and Ajax-Pickering that were known to be high on the Conservatives’ to-win list (and that they did win) were apparently not plagued by such calls. On the other hand, a substantial number of the three dozen ridings on the opposition list were safe Conservative seats. Take the Ontario riding of Wellington-Halton Hills. On May 2, former Conservative minister Michael Chong kept the seat with a majority of 26,000 and 63 per cent of the vote. He clearly needed no help to get re-elected. Chong has emerged as one of the least partisan voices in Parliament. He resigned from Stephen Harper’s first cabinet over a matter of principle. It is hard to imagine that he would have countenanced party-sanctioned dirty tricks in his riding. In Simcoe-Grey, the Conservatives won by more than 20,000 votes and the aggrieved Liberals ran fourth, behind the NDP and former Conservative incumbent Helena Guergis

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I was a Conservative volunteer and we found the robocalls to be counterproductive. People complained during and after the election that they had been called too many times. We had plenty of volunteers in our riding, so we didn't really need this system, but headquarters made us take it (and help pay for it).

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