Thursday, February 09, 2012


The right to defend one' home even with deadly force has been acknowledge for centuries. In Canada you are as likely to be arrested as the criminal if you defend yourself, your family or children. I am glad the Tories are beginning to correct this. OTTAWA — Justice Minister Rob Nicholson is stressing that proposed changes to the federal citizen's arrest law do not signal an endorsement of vigilante justice. There appears to be all-party agreement that the Criminal Code needs to be updated to clarify when a person can detain someone committing a crime on their property and when they can use reasonable force to protect themselves. The high-profile, 2009 case of a Toronto shop owner charged after he detained a repeat shoplifter helped galvanize public opinion on changing the law. The Conservative government has introduced a bill that strips out hundred-year-old legal language and makes the Criminal Code easier to understand.


Anonymous said...

no matter how many times the police try and convict someone who protects themselves and their family a jury finds the person not guilty. anyone who breaks into my house when i am home does so at his/her peril. i will be very violent in the protection of my family and home.

Anonymous said...

"whatever it takes"

Alain said...

I fail to see how allowing citizens to defend their family, homes, business and themselves has anything to do with vigilante justice. I admit to not knowing if the proposed changes to the federal citizen's arrest law will actually allow one to defend one's property and family even with deadly force if required, but I can only hope that will be the case. The present system is unacceptable where the real victim is arrested and charged instead of the criminal, and worse encouraging the criminal to testify against the victim.

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