Thursday, January 26, 2012


Who pays attention to these useless polls 4 years before the next election? The red star of course. Guess they don't want to pay attention to their fellow socialists and potential grit dipper coalition partners, ripping off the Canadian people.

3 comments: to the radio said...

Didn't anyone tell these guys that Canadians elected a majority government?
Polls don't matter now they can't be used by the media to bang the drum for an election.
Like the one that Ignatieff let himself be snookered into.

Beth Chapman said...

Ebb and flow Roy, ebb and flow. Today's majority is tomorrow's ass kicking, just ask Brian Mulroney.

Like it or not, the Tories hold on Ottawa is not permanent.

As a woman in her early 60's, I'm not at all pleased with Harper's need to steal money from seniors. I'm not alone.

Anonymous said...

Jeez Beth..slow down and chill out.
Everyone knows govts fall sooner or later. And as far as stealing, can you please give us a link or proof of some kind that someone is stealing your money? Rhetoric like that drives me nuts.

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