Sunday, January 15, 2012

warman blues

I am not a fan of richard warman, quite the opposite. I think his outrageous actions over the years have helped make hrcs and so called human rights lawyers anathema to lovers of freedom. He must be quite depressed now that section 13 a , the free speech killer, will soon be a bad memory. I am very happy this horrible piece of legislation will soon die. Apparently there was a debate between warman and the head of the Canadian Civil Liberties association.

Mr. Warman, who has brought a total of 16 hate speech cases to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal over the last decade, has only lost once, but he lost so big he may never win such a case again.

“I tried to make sure that I was not approaching that line [of entrapment, or participation in hate speech], and I did my best to avoid anything that might look that way,” he said of his Nazi posing. “In hindsight, there are easy ways to look back and dissect whatever actions you’ve taken seven or eight years ago…. It was always a means of last resort, but I think [in future] it would be a very far-off distant means of last resort, because the benefit did not outweigh the issues that it subsequently created.”

That is an understatement. Ever since the federal government announced its intention to repeal Section 13, and two courts heard cases that could also kill it, Canada’s noisy hate speech debate appears to be all over but the crying. Even Mr. Warman’s big loss, in the case of webmaster Marc Lemire, could prove little more than a convoluted sideshow.

So when Mr. Warman took the stage in Toronto this week to argue in support of Section 13 against the head of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association at an event sponsored by a new Jewish group, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, there was a sense of futility in the room. This was no “congress,” as the host grandly said, coyly usurping the name of CIJA’s predecessor, the Canadian Jewish Congress, which once gave Mr. Warman a major award. This was not even a seminar. This was a pantomime, with Mr. Warman as the villain.


Patsplace said...

It's like music to my ears!!!

Anonymous said...

Shame. It's sad to see to Nazi's win. What did we die for?

Alain said...

Anon, please let us know where all the Nazis are when you find them. On the other hand I would be a whole lot more concerned about the Islamists and even the Left with all their blatant anti-Semitism. That said censoring speech and thought is the wrong approach, since it just drives it underground. Far better it is to expose it to sun light. We already have a criminal law that deals with those promoting and inciting violence and harm, so actually we would be much better off without any of these HRCs or kangaroo courts.

Brian said...

There are two items which could significantly reign in the out of control HRC's.

1. The loser pays all court costs as in normal court proceedings. Not certain if the Tories are planning to implement this change.

2. Remove the insane condition against those brought before the HRC that TRUTH is NOT a defence.

Alain said...

Brian, I offer a better solution: completely dismantle them and allow the justice system to deal with real criminals as opposed to those with "hurt feelings".

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