Monday, January 09, 2012

Tories will cut faster

Good!! Hopefully there will be substantial cuts to the CBC. I will congratulate HMMinister Clement , when I see him later this week.

The federal government is accelerating and deepening its plans to eliminate the deficit
despite slow growth projections and a lacklustre job market.

Several major government departments have been asked to come up with a plan to cut spending by 10 per cent over the next two fiscal years — that is, by the end of 2013-14 — CBC News has learned.

That's a change from last year's budget, in which the government promised to find savings of five per cent in annual program spending by the end of 2014-15.

To achieve that, the government had originally asked all federal departments to find between five and 10 per cent worth of savings over three years.

Now senior government sources say the overall cut to program spending at the three-year mark will be higher: about 7.5 per cent of current spending levels.

Several major departments have been asked to participate in the accelerated cuts, including Public Works, National Defence, Foreign Affairs and CSIS.


wilson said...

CIDA should be cut by 30%

Alain said...

The problem is the government asking the federal departments to decide the cuts instead of a third party without invested interest. I could give multiple examples of previous governments going down the same road and what resulted. Just one example was a regional office cutting 50 low level positions while the number of both positions and level of classification (understand pay) at their national headquarters grew. Those who decided which positions to cut mysteriously saw their job classification greatly improve.

Anonymous said...

Not only will they cut faster, I sincerely hope they cut deeper. I would still like to see them hit their original 2014 date for a balanced budget.

Anonymous said...

as a real conservative i want to see real cuts. i don't want the bs of cutting estimates. at the end of the year i want to see a reduction in real spending right off the bottom line. 10% less than 2011.

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