Monday, January 30, 2012


So the jihadis and their leftist allies are getting ready to celebrate the return of a convicted terrorist. Not surprising jean pseudo chretien begged to get the father terrorist out of prison so he could continue the jihad against the west. I'm sure Le trudeau would have been very understanding of terrorism against the US and the west. This all just makes me sick. The first family of terrorism in Canada have said they hate Canada, most reasonable people in Canada return the sentiment. In a revealing new book, The Enemy Within, the Sun's Ezra Levant brings Omar Khadr's story back into the public eye. Having completed his U.S. sentence in October 2011, Omar Khadr could return to Canada at any time. He may well be released, thanks to a lenient system that will likely credit him for the time he has served awaiting trial in Guantanamo Bay. With Parliament back in session, Levant brings his razor-sharp perspective to bear on a story that is vital to our notions of citizenship and justice, and to our national security. --- So, what can we expect to happen with Omar Khadr when he inevitably returns to Canada? Unfortunately, it's not hard to guess. When Maher Arar came back to Canada after he was released from a prison in Syria, he was hailed as a hero and celebrity. Every anti-war, anti-Western activist with an axe to grind--which includes a large swath of Canada's mainstream media--turned his homecoming into a triumph. If only they treated our wounded soldiers returning from Afghanistan so warmly.

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hunter said...

Good point Dr. Roy. In the eyes of our lefties, our military are scum, but terrorists should be praised as"freedom fighters" for killing Americans or Canadians.

They are truly sick.

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