Sunday, January 29, 2012

shafias guilty of dishonour killing

Let's remember the victims of this heinous crime. These scum need to rot in prison forever. All three of these vermin convicted of first degree murder. 'Twisted notion of honour' Meranger said it is difficult to imagine a more "heinous crime" than two parents convicted of killing three of their own daughters for "an apparent notion of honour that has absolutely no place in any civilized society." "The apparent reason behind these cold shameful murders was that four (victims) offended your twisted notion of honour," the judge said.


Anonymous said...


The policy of multiculturalism was an invitation to newcomers to maintain their own respective religious-cultural values, while embracing cultural relativism—the belief that all cultures are equal…Liberalism’s silence on group identity and group right was…a recognition that when the individual and collective collide, the freedom of the individual take precedence. By promoting multiculturalism, Western liberals began undermining liberalism, since all groups do not embrace liberal values equally, and Muslims, in particular, remain resistant to the idea of individual rights and gender equality…
…In practice, multiculturalism had tended towards a plural “monoculturalism” that allow cultural groups to withdraw into their own spaces…
…new arrives—in particular, Muslims from the Arab-Muslim countries—who came from outside of the West cultural boundaries and were not prepared to fully accept the host country’s culture…constructed their own cultural wall between the host country and themselves, assisted with funds from oil-rich Arab countries…the Muslim children of the new arrivals who came of age in the 1990s found themselves caught between two worlds—that of their parents, to which they could not return, and that of the West, which their parents did not fully accept…This generation of youth has been inducted into the globalized version of an historical Islam that
This generation of youth has been inducted into the globalized version of an historical Islam that harkens back to an idealized and airbrushed seventh century…which emphasizes the collective Muslim identify of the ummah—the community of believers…

Immigration Policy and the Terrorist Threat, Salim Mansur, Cpt 2 (2008)

“Official multiculturalism policy, with its privileging of tolerance above all else, prevented our authorities from fully investigating and thwarting the terrorists’ plot…The government’s look the other way policy allowed Sikh militants to intimate the Sikh community at large…Even during the Air India Trial, supporters of the accused were still able to threaten witnesses for the prosecution.”

Martin Collacott, Retired Cdn. diplomat, Dept. Foreign Affairs…2007

“ Canada is not really a multicultural country because cultural practices that clash with basis Canadian values are not permitted…many immigrants arrive imbued with the cultures of countries that are not liberal democracies and do not value or accept individual freedom. In additional, a whole range of practices that are allowed in other countries—such as circumcising young girls, eating dogs, and carrying handguns—are not tolerated in Canada …
…from a security perspective, the ideology of multiculturalism may hinder law enforcement…there is a danger that the officials responsible for safeguarding all Canadians will be overly sensitive with respect to linking security issues to the immigration program”

Immigration Policy and the Terrorist Threat, Daniel Stoffman,


Anonymous said...

looks like pierre trudeau and his equal society got egg on his face!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you people realize just how good these muslim scumbags (go ahead and sue me) are going to have it in prison?

Special treatment for religious purposes such as prayer time,
Special halal food for religious purpose,
Special cultural sensitivity treatment from the staff,
Special visits including family conjugal and private visits with each other for cultural reasons,
Special visits from imams or whatever that can’t be monitored by prison staff for religious privacy reasons,
The list goes on and on….remember we’re in liberal capital country Ontario!

Oh yeah don’t the special magic carpets for prayer time!

Anonymous said...

Lest we forget the FREE health care and EXTENDED health benefits they’ll receive such as: dental care,
Eye vision care including clases if needed,
Prescription drug coverage for WHATEVER sickness they succumb to,
And again the list goes on………..

Exiled Maritimer said...

I would hope that Judge offer them a deal - life without parole or 50% off if they renounce their citizenship and agree to immediate removal from Canada upon completion of their sentence. We don't need their backward cultures. There is likely no way that this deal can be offered but maybe its time to change the law - eject the garbage

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