Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Richard Ciano's Platform for the Ontario PC Presidency

Richard Ciano has released his detail platform for the Presidency of the Ontario PC Party and I like it. It addresses many of my issues with the last campaign. Political parties prosper if they respect their grass roots. Read the whole thing here.

I. Build a Member Service Culture in the Party — 05
The Party is there to serve the membership, not the other way around. We will build a member service culture within the Party Executive and at Headquarters. People will be held accountable in their roles.
• Member satisfaction surveys
• Opportunities for all Party members to share their concerns and ideas
• Publishing of Executive meeting minutes, survey conclusions, and other reports • Accountability of the Party President
II. Fair, Open, and Competitive Candidate Nominations — 07
A clear process for candidates to get the “green light” to run for Party nominations, and the right for riding associations to control their own nomination meetings.
• Create a uniform certification process for nomination candidates
• Make candidate nominations a riding-driven process
III. Meaningful Policy and Platform Development — 09
The best policy comes from Party members. We have a long tradition of grassroots policy development and a constitutionally defined process for it. Let’s allow the policy process flourish, and we’ll draw our platform from there.
• Renewed adherence to Articles 18 and 19 of the Party Constitution
• Add accountability to the policy and platform development process
• Follow Richard’s proposed plan to jumpstart and complete the policy process in 2012 • Develop member-driven policy for urban and Northern Ontario
IV. Training, Development, and Outreach — 12
The days of sporadic, repetitive “Campaign 101” schools are over. We can build an ongoing, online training program for activists and members on the most cutting-edge outreach, recruitment, and fundraising techniques.
• Develop and support a permanent training program for riding associations,
Party members, and campaign teams
• Develop a comprehensive outreach plan
• Provide tools and expertise to assist member recruitment and fundraising efforts • Renewed emphasis on youth development
V. Supports that Work in Ridings — 14
One size does not fit all. Some ridings have unique issues and needs. The Party needs to listen so that we can tailor the materials and messages for each local campaign.
• Provide usable sample materials
• Make expertise available to riding associations and local campaigns
• Make a member service commitment

There will be an event this evening , you can watch here:

As I have said before I still also very much like Kevin Gaudet for the job. It is great that that the Ontario PC's have such good candidates running. Kevin also has good ideas for the party.

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