Saturday, January 07, 2012

Prof Mansur on Immigration

Prof Mansur and I are both immigrants, but we are both troubled by immigration patterns to Canada. We need to e more careful about who we allow into Canada. We need more skilled workers and less family class immigrants. We need to overhaul our refugee process as well.

The big issue in Canada, as in other western liberal democracies, next to the economy is immigration.

It is of concern to everyone, yet it is a conversation spoiler whenever the subject is raised in private or public gatherings.

But it demands attention, and we must learn to discuss immigration and its implications for our country as a liberal democracy without becoming insulting or abusive.

Canada is a country of immigrants, as is the United States, and this fact in itself poses a hurdle to overcome ahead of engaging in any critical discussion of immigration as a public policy issue.

The reason is simple, because it is taken for granted by many that the long-term net benefit of immigration far outweighs all costs in short or medium term.

To question this assumption goes against the view turned into an ideology by those who favour open and higher levels of immigration as a defining characteristic of Canada.

John McCallum, a former Liberal cabinet minister, in expressing this idea some time ago observed, “we are very good” in “attracting people from all over the world and creating a society that welcomes people of all races, religions and cultures.”

The implication of McCallum’s publicly stated opinion is obvious — those who question the existing immigration policy or advocate measures for some constraint in the levels of immigration would be hurting Canada’s image.


Alain said...

The common claim that the long term net benefit of immigration far outweighs all costs in the short or medium term is not back up by facts. It could be the case if we had a different immigration system, but it is simply not true under the present system. This why the system must be changed including the refugee program. What is perhaps even more concerning is the acceptance of those who have no intention of adapting to Canadian culture, values and laws, and are determined to impose their values and culture on Canadians.

Patsplace said...

As Alain has said, in slightly different words, we are importing and assisting our enemies to overthrow Canada and replace it with that that those same enemies left as they didn't like it.

The inmates are running the asylum!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting how we allow foreigners to come to Canada, to escape the cultural and religious repressiveness in their native country, only to accommodate those same repressive traditions after there here. It seems they use our very own laws that guarantee our fundamental freedoms against us. They do this by filing human rights complaints against media who practice free speech and employers that don’t hire them.

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