Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Principled dippers

So there are dippers who will defy their own party and vote to end the useless, costly long gun registry. Good to see! Wonder if rural grits will also vote against their own boondoggle.

Thunder Bay MPs stick to their guns on voter issues
NDP sanctions don't deter Rafferty and Hyer from putting constituents ahead of party politics
CBC News Posted: Jan 3, 2012 8:26 AM ET Last Updated: Jan 3, 2012 8:23 AM ET Read 0 comments0

An area member of parliament says he'll put the needs of his constituents ahead of his party in 2012.

Bruce Hyer, who represents Thunder Bay-Superior North, was disciplined by the NDP when he voted with the Conservatives to end the long gun registry. Hyer said, despite that action, he's vowing to follow the wishes of people in his riding.

“I'm going to be maintaining my resolve to stand up for northwestern Ontario and put the needs and desires of … my constituents ahead of … party politics,” he said.


E Mac said...

Good to see that some people have their own principles and not spout/vote the party line.
You work for the people as well as the party, but mostly if the party goes along the same lines that certainly is in lockstep with the candidate - good for them and this is the way things should be done.
It's good to see people who use their brains and think logically.

Frances said...

There have always been those of the NDP and - earlier - CCF who were men and women of conscience. I grew up in an area where the local member was CCF though (if memory serves) also a landowner with an orchard. He garnered a lot of votes because of who he was, not which party he espoused.

There was a good story from that time, though. Said member's mother was emphatically not CCF, and not even her son's candidacy would sway her vote. However, upon one occasion of his visiting Mum and friends, Mum said that she rather thought she wouldn't bother voting in the upcoming election. Her visiting friend agreed that she, too, would not bother to vote. After the friend left, Mum said something to the effect of 'Well, that's two votes less against you'.

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