Friday, January 27, 2012

No surprises?

The lame stream media is again shocked that the Tories are cutting government , overhauling pensions and trying to fix immigration.... I guess that have not been paying attention to what the Tories have been saying or what the Tory base and bloggers have been saying for a very long time. They are so used to their grits never actually doing anything they promised or doing the opposite. The grits ignored their grassroots since their origin. Grit poobahs know best. The Tories understand that the grassroots of the party should have a big say in what happens. That is why the Tory grassroots have been so loyal. Know that the Tories have a majority, many of us see no more excuses why Tory policies should not. E in place. That's why we vote Tory. we want to make the grit nanny state back off. Less government, more liberty, that's what we want. Perhaps the grit media should actually pay attention and they wouldn't be so shocked all the time. Or is it that the msm , their grit masters and dipper friends are just feigning outrage as a maneuver?


Anonymous said...

You should review your grammar and punctuation rules.

Anonymous said...

Yes anonymous, but what about the content?

wilson said...

Perhaps the media 'shock' is that they know PMSH will actually transform our entitlement system, when previous governments got cold feet rather than do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Of course it's a surprise. Harper sought no mandate in the election to Take away or delay OAS. This is dirty.

IHarper has been running record deficits and now he is looking to make up for his fiscal incompetence.

I'll never vote for this thug again.

Anonymous said...

I always love those type of comments:
"I will never vote for this thug again"
First off, you never voted for him. There can be no "again" as that requires the initial vote.
You fool no one with comments like that. It is a common trait of the lefties to lie to yourself about the viability of the ideologies you believe in. It is downright stupid to lie to those on a blogging tories blog and expect to sway any one with your lies.
We understand. You do not like Harper or anything he stands for. Say it outright.

Jen said...

Anonymous 9;18am if only you knew what the liberals did with our EI funds. They took it to pay down the debt but never bothered to replace it.
PMSH has that problem to deal with ontop of that the OAS.

The media is 'DEAD' silent on the EI fund scandal.

dmorris said...

Speaking of the Conservatives mandate,I'd like to know what the Tories are doing on the Long Gun Registry. It was first promised to be "gone by Christmas",then was delayed until February.

Today,I read the Bill to end the LGR was to be brought to the House for final reading next Monday,but now is going to be delayed,again.Government spokesman said it might not be on the agenda all next week.

In the delay between Christmas and now,the RCMP reclassified and seized thousands of .22 caliber rifles that had been declared "unrestricted",but are now "restricted".

In the usual Canadian way, no compensation to the owners was made.

Now we're faced with another delay,and I have to wonder what other actions the RCMP or LGR has planned.

The LGR WAS one of the most prominent planks in the Conservative platform,and certainly helped them get the rural vote. So,what's going on?

I E-mailed my MP and received a reply saying my concerns have been passed on to the Minister in charge of the LGR,but haven't heard from them.

Let's get on with it,Mr.Harper,let's see this promise kept,and let's see some compensation for the legalized theft that has occurred to the .22 owners.

Seizing our legally owned guns was one of the greatest fears we had of Liberals and NDP'ers,but instead it's happening on the Conservative watch.

oxygentax said...

Nonny 9:18

So, in your opinion, no government should do anything unless it was discussed during an election campaign? That might make it difficult for a government in years 3 or 4 of their mandate if they can only do what they said they'd do during their last election.

Then again, you're also probably mad at them for the constitutional crisis of 2008/09 too.

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