Sunday, January 08, 2012

No national accord on healthcare?

I think that is a good idea. Health is a provincial matter under the constitution. The federakl government should allow provinces to experiment with healthcare in order to find better watys of doing things. The people of these provinces will vote out governments that don't deliver what the people want. Other provinces will adopt best practices. I dont like the Canada Health Act. It should be ignored. The usual peiople are hysterical. romanow's throw more money at it approach is not working. We need to rethink what and how we are doing things in healthcare.

But a no-accord approach is a distinct possibility, say provincial and federal officials.

"It's a possibility that we have no codified accord," said one federal source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

That's because the new funding arrangements for 2014 to 2024 were presented without negotiation, pleasing some of the Western provinces but upsetting the rest of the country. Now the federal government has signalled that it will be taking a back seat in setting health care policy.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was asked this past week in a radio interview whether Ottawa is, in effect, telling the provinces to take full responsibility for health care.

"Well, that's partly what we're saying," Harper said during an appearance on the Rutherford Show, an Alberta-wide radio call-in program.

"Look, most provinces are already projecting reductions in their own growth rates and health-care spending. But the provinces themselves, I think, are going to have to look seriously at what needs to be done to make the system more cost effective."

Flaherty's fiat cements financing until 2024. It gives provinces some fiscal certainty about their levels of funding. But it also comes with no mechanism to ensure national standards or service improvements.

At the same time, the new 10-year funding arrangement will be allocated to the provinces based purely on a per-capita basis, eliminating any consideration for poorer provinces, fragile tax bases or higher costs in remote areas.

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CJ said...

Other provinces will adopt best provinces.

I don't want to adopt any of them Roy and I don't want any of them adopting us :^)

Seriously, good post. There really is no alternative to decentralization and letting local authorities figure out what works.

A happy and prosperous new year to you.

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