Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Natural Governing Party

I I am glad the Tories are again competitive. I am glad the West is fully engaged, but I don't like the idea of a natural governing party. Governments become old and tired and must be replaced from time to time. We don't want to become the arrogant grits. We must never say that being elected is a right. We must always work hard to be elected and if we don't get the job done, Canadians should kick us out. We must not take any of this for granted, that is a grit error.

If any more evidence were necessary, the results of the last federal election and the addition of more House of Commons seats in the next one have made it clear that the Canadian centre of political gravity has shifted to the point where it will no longer be possible to govern without significant electoral support west of Ontario. This shift has followed the westward movement in Canada’s centre of economic gravity.


Russ Campbell said...

I agree, these are words to govern by and be governed by.

Anonymous said...

I agree also, we must stay engaged with our base.
My party right or wrong,
If right to be kept right,
if wrong to be made right.
The confidance of ordinary Canadians is precious, we must work hard to keep it.
Cheers Bubba Brown

bertie said...

Hmmm,,I would never ever want to be governed by the Liberals again..Just the name brings sleaze to mind.Conservative is A-OK with me thanks..The game is OK,just change the players every once in awhile if they don, keep their promises..That is what the problem was and is with the Liberals,they just wont change the back room boys and the rotten apples within their party.

I Support Lord Black