Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Harper Derangement Syndrome

A great article by Matt Gurney. Lefties paranoia will destroy ya!!! Perhaps the paranoid left and their media friends will attend The Fabulous Blue Tent party that I and my gay friends had at the Tory Convention. We will certainly throw another one at the next Tory convention next year. Matt Gurney  Jan 18, 2012 – 2:03 PM ET Last week, it was revealed that a lawyer employed by the federal government had argued in court that same-sex marriages performed in Canada would hold no legal force if the couple in question resided in a jurisdiction that did not recognize same-sex marriages. Despite the Prime Minister’s obvious ignorance of the legal case in qestion, critics of the Harper government fell all over themselves in their haste to claim this proved that the Conservatives indeed have a long-harboured anti-gay hidden agenda. Tim Harper, a national affairs columnist for the Toronto Star, was typical of the rest in his comments: “[W]hile the legions of Harper opponents were waiting for the hard-right social agenda to be firmly planted in Ottawa, the Conservatives are actually exporting those policies.” Ooh, clever. Devious, even. Keep saying that the debate is closed at home, but screw the gays abroad. Genius! No one really explained how that helped the Tories politically in any way — it was seemingly plausible to the anti-Harper crowd that the government would do this just for the thrill of giving homosexuals a hard time. Gay bashing writ large, as it were.


RJ65 said...

So much ado about nothing. When you get married you have to declare that you are eligible to be married in your home jurisdiction. These people clearly were not.- so they were not eligible to get married in Canada either. Let them bear the consequences.

Jen said...

Florida doesn't recognize SSM yet gays who marry in canada expect that Florida will accept them as such.

SHARIA LAW is recognized in many countries but when the people come here they expect to have the same law. Well, the same goes for SSM couples. there are countries that recognized SSM so pick and live in countries that recognizes one or the other or both.

The liberals for years voted against SSM, until Paul Martin came into government as PM, to buy more votes.

Again, the liberals voted against SSM bills for many years.

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